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Ship Investment Cash Flow Analysis with Excel

Welcome to this website for Ship Investment Cash Flow Analysis with Excel. We provide tools for Financial modelling and Analysis of ship investment cash flows.

Financial modelling of ship investments can quantify the downside risk and the upside potential before deciding to invest. It is also a useful tool to monitor risks and performance during the investment period. A good financial model is also an excellent tool for communicating opportunities or potential problems to management, lenders and investors. Working with a good ship finance model makes it possible to identify opportunities or potential problems to early, and plans for appropriate actions to be prepared in advance.

Pacoship is an Excel Application for Analysis of Ship Investments:

Pacoship is an Excel-based application with a flexible workflow and extensive report capabilities intended for shipowners, shipbrokers, financiers and investors. Students and people with a maritime background moving into commercial positions will also find it useful.

To run Pacoship, you need to run Excel  (Office 2010 or later version) on a computer with a Windows operating system. (For more detailed information see the KNOWLEDGE menu). To make use of exporting charts generated by Pacoship directly to Powerpoint and send e-mails without exiting Pacoship, you also need to have Powerpoint and Outlook installed (recommended).

Based on selected Project Type (Newbuilding or Secondhand Purchase) and inputs for SHIP, EMPLOYMENT, OPEX and FINANCING, the Pacoship Excel application calculates Project Cash Flow and Cash Flow to Equity.

The Pacoship Excel application also calculates the Net Present Value (NPV) of the project, as well as NPV and IRR of Equity Invested and generates Key Figures, Ratios, Charts, Sensitivity Analysis and Reports

The reports (with charts) can be printed or saved as PDF files and e-mailed.

The application generates a Powerpoint presentation with selected charts.

Share input data with other users by sending e-mails with XML data files directly to other users who have access to the Pacoship Excel application on their computer.

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Some of the questions you may want answers to are:

How much capital is needed for the project?

What is the debt capacity of the project?

What is the financing structure that maximizes the Net Present Value (NPV) of equity invested?

What is the cash impact of financing alternatives, chartering policies and market developments?

What is required to meet the target return on equity?

How long will current cash last under various scenarios?

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By clicking on the KNOWLEDGE tab on this website you can access useful resources on Financial Analysis of Ship Investments and how to use Pacoship.

COMMUNITY  has Blog with news and useful articles and User Forum where users can ask questions and share experiences on how to get the most out of Pacoship. Watch out for coming Seminars and User Group Workshops.

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We are now testing Pacoship version 2.0 (Beta) before commercial release. All current subscribers with a valid Pacoship User License are entitled to a Free Upgrade and will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to upgrade to Pacoship 2.0 as soon as pre-release testing has been completed.  Please help us improve Pacoship:  Download the Beta version and report any issues that needs fixing.

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If you report an issue that needs to be fixed in the Pacoship 2.0 pre-release beta test, you will receive a Free User License for yourself and an additional Free User License for a friend or colleague, as your reward. You can report the issue by e-mail to


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Pacomarine is also a forum for education and debate for the purpose of improving the standard of Financial Analysis and Modeling of Ship Investments. Over time we hope this will in some way contribute to better decisions and better long term profitability for the industry as a whole.

We run a blog for news and debate about Financial Analysis and Modeling of Ship Investments in general.

We run an online Forum for users of our Pacoship software application for users to ask questions, exchange experiences and requests for improvements and further development of software to meet the needs of industry practioners.