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Ship Investment Software

Working Together

Welcome to this website for user lead development of Excel based software applications for Financial Analysis of Ship Investments. Financial modelling of ship investment cash flows can quantify downside risk and upside potential before a decision to invest is made. Informative reports with cash flows, ratios, charts and sensitivity analysis can also be used as tools to monitor risks and performance during the investment period.  Exchange of data and explanation of relationships in a good financial model is also an excellent tool for communicating opportunities or potential problems to management, lenders and investors. This allows for opportunities or potential problems to be identified early,  and plans for appropriate actions to be prepared in advance.Financial analysis and modelling of ship investments can contribute to better management of risks and thereby result  in better risk-adjusted returns.

Some of the questions you may want answers to are:

• How much capital is needed for the project?
• What is the debt capacity of the project?
• What is the financing structure that maximizes the Net Present Value (NPV) of equity invested?
• What is the cash impact of financing alternatives, chartering policies and market developments?
• What is required to meet the target return on equity?
• How long will current cash last under various scenarios?

What is Pacoship?

Pacoship is an application for analysis of ship investments:

Based on selected Project Type (Newbuilding or Secondhand Purchase) and inputs for SHIP, EMPLOYMENT, OPEX and FINANCING, the application calculates Project Cash Flow and Cash Flow to Equity.

The application calculates the Net Present Value (NPV) of the project, NPV and IRR of Equity Invested and generates Key Figures, Ratios, Charts and Reports.

The reports (with charts) can be printed or saved as PDF files and e-mailed.

The application generates a Powerpoint presentation with selected charts.

Input data for any selected project can be e-mailed as XML data files to be shared with into other Users who have access to the PACOSHIP application on their own computer.

Professional Tool

Pacoship is an Excel based application with a flexible workflow and extensive report capabilities intended for shipowners, shipbrokers, financiers and investors. Students and people with a maritime background moving into commercial positions may also find it useful.

To run Pacoship you need to run a 64 bit or 32 bit version of Excel 2010 or later version (Office 2010 or later version) on a computer with a Windows operating system. (For more detailed information see FAQ under the KNOWLEDGE menu). To make use of exporting charts gerated by Pacoship directly to Powerpoint and send e-mails without exiting Pacoship, you also need to have Powerpoint and Outlook installed (recommended).

The Pacoship application will be updated regularly. Please send your feedback on possible improvements and requests for additional features to be added to Pacoship to:

Affordable Pricing

The Pacoship application will be updated  regularly based on feedback from users. The application is therefore made available on a subscription basis which entitles the subscriber to free upgrades to the latest version of Pacoship during the subscription period.

Cost of a standard User License is US$ 100,- per license per year. This includes support and all upgrades of the Pacoship application during the paid license period.

Discounts available for purchase of multiple licenses.

Students can apply for a free student license.


Extensive Support

By clicking on the KNOWLEDGE tab on this website you can access useful resources on Financial Analysis of Ship Investments and how to use Pacoship.

COMMUNITY  has Blog with news and useful articles and User Forum where users can ask questions and share experiences on how to get the most out of Pacoship. Watch out for coming Seminars and User Group Workshops.

One-to one personal support is available by Live Chat or e-mail to:

Quick Tour:

Quick Guide:


GETTING STARTED (click to open)

Click the DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL button to download the Pacoship installation file.  If your web browser is set to allow you to choose a particular director, choose Desktop.  If not you will find the downloaded installation file in the file directory Downloads.

Click on the icon for the installation file and follow the instructions as the file opens and the program Pacoship is installed. When installation is completed, click on the icon

 The  Pacoship program will open.

You will be asked to input a license key to activate the program. The license key has been sent to the e-mail address you gave to download the program.  Thats it.


The Pacoship Application has five main sections: HELP, DASHBOARD,  INPUT, DASHBOARD, REPORTS and EXIT.  Each sections is accessed by clicking its respective name listed on the top menu bar.

To open a saved project or start a new project click go to the INPUT section. (Click the INPUT button).


The INPUT section is divided into 5 sub-sections:

ProjectShipEmploymentOpexFinancing. To go to go to any of these 5 sub-sections click on the button with the name of the sub-section on the sub-menu bar on the INPUT top menu.


To open a saved project or start a new project where you select one of the two generic project types (Newbuilding or Secondhand Purchase), go to the Project section.


Enter details of the ship to be purchased including ship type, ship size, when built, contract date, ship purchase price, payment terms and expected residual value.



Enter charter rate, duration of charter and % charter comission((s).


Enter operating costs including ship operating costs per day, administration costs and ordinary off-hire, estimated dry docking costs and off-hire due to dry docking.


Enter loan details including loan amount or loan amount as percentage of ship purchase price. Type of loan (serial or annuity). number of interest periods (quarterly or semi-annual) Interest rate, loan fees and loan covenants.


The DASHBOARD section is divided into four sub-sections:

Summary, Key Figures, Charts and Sensitivity. To go to go to any of these four sub-sections click on the button with the name of the sub-section on the sub-menu bar on the DASHBOARD top menu.


Information about the Ship, Project type, duration of project (Start Month and End Month). Residual Value (Ship Sale Price). Capital structure and Net Present Value (NPV) of Project Cash Flow and Cash Flow. This is where you specify required return on Equity and by the click of a button calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of Cash Flow to Equity.

Key Figures:

Displays month by month key figures selected from a drop down menu. This includes:

Cash Balances, Cash Flow, Financial Ratios and Break Even Rates for Debt Service (with and without provisions for Drydocking/Special Survey).

View Charts:

Displays the following charts that you can select from a drop down menu:

  • Opening Cash Balance
  • Net Cash Flow Closing Cash Balance
  • Opex, Debt Service
  • Debt Service Ratios, LTV-Ship Value
  • Project Cash Flow,
  • Equity Cash Flow.

You can select if you want to view a based on Monthly, Quarterly Semi-Annual (Half Yearly) or Annual (Yearly) figures.


Shows how the Net Present Value (NPV)  of Project Cash Flow and Cash Flow to Equity changes with changes to:

  • Ship Opex
  • Average Rate per Day
  • Ship Residual Value (Ship Sale Price)
  • Contract Price (Ship Purchase Price)
  • Loan Interest Rate


The REPORTS section makes it possible to view detailed cash flows and generate reports based on selected items from a menu.

By clicking action buttons in the Reports section Reports can be:

  • Printed on paper.
  • Saved as PDF file.
  • E-mailed as PDF file.
  • E-mailed as data that can be  imported by a Pacoship application on another computer.

By the click of a button, selected charts can be copied to a Powerpoint presentation.


The HELP section within the Pacoship application contains information on how to use the program and has a feature which makes it possible to scale the size of your screen image to fit the size of your computer screen the way you prefer it.

It also has links where you can view  the online Users Manual as well as links to video tutorials.

You can also e-mail us with questions on how to best use Pacoship: 


To exit the program, click the EXIT button on the top menu. You will be aksed to save the project with the input that has been entered.  When the program is opened next time, you can continue from where you left.

To save the project in a file, click the SAVE button on the top menu.

Purchase, Download and Instalation

Free Trial Period 14 Days

An E-mail with your download and Acivation Key is automatically generated and sent to you immediately after check out.

Remember to check your junk mail folder. Automatically generated e-mails may end up there.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need any user support.

Your feedback on how we may improve Pacoship to better meet your needs is also very welcome.

To continue using the Pacoship software after the Free Trial Period you must then purchase a one year user license.  The cost of the one year user license is U$ 100,- per user per year.

We accept VISA – MasterCard – American Express

If you are unable to pay by card using the payment solution on this website, please contact