Ship Finance Cash Flow Analysis with Excel

Welcome to this website for Financial Modelling of Ship Investments 

Some of the ship finance questions you may want answers to are:

How much capital is needed for the project?

What is the debt capacity of the project?

What is the financing structure that maximizes the Net Present Value (NPV) of equity invested?

What is the cash impact of financing alternatives, chartering policies and market developments?

What is required to meet the target return on equity?

How long will current cash last under various scenarios?

Pacoship Ribbon Menu:

The Pacoship Excel application for ship finance investment modelling has a Ribbon Menu with six main sections: Project, Input, Dashboard, Cashflow, Reports and Help. By clicking a button (icon) in any of the sections, relevant action is triggered. You may click the buttons in any order, but a good workflow can be to move from left to right.

Have a look at the video Quick Tour or attend one of  our free ship finance webinars for more information on workflows and good practice. 

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Excel Application for Ship Finance and Investment Modelling 

Pacoship provides Shipowners, shipbrokers, banks, investors and other financiers with a time saving tool for financial analysis and modelling of ship investment. Students and people with a maritime background moving into financial positions will also find it useful.

  • To run Pacoship, you need to run Excel  on a computer with a Windows operating system. To make use of exporting charts generated by Pacoship directly to Powerpoint  you  must have Powerpoint installed.  To send e-mails directly from Pacoship you need to have  Outlook installed.
  • Select Project Type (Newbuilding or Secondhand Purchase) and update input data for SHIP, EMPLOYMENT, OPEX and FINANCING.  Pacoship  calculates Project Cash Flow Cash Flow to Equity and performs sensitivity analysis.
  • You can easily select content of reports from the content menu.  Summary investment analysis and detailed input together with chosen monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual cash flows and charts can be printed on paper or saved as PDF files
  • The application generates a Powerpoint presentation with selected charts.
  • You can share input data with other users by sending e-mails with XML data files directly to other users who have the Pacoship Excel application.

Quick Tour:

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