Quick Tour:


New video tutorials helping you to get the most out of Pacoship coming soon!

Getting started:

Download the Pacoship installation file from the Pacomarine.com website  BUY PACOSHIP). If your web browser is set to allow you to choose a particular directory, you may select Desktop. If not, you will find the downloaded installation file in the file directory Downloads.

Click on the icon for the installation file. Follow the instructions as the file opens and the application Pacoship is installed. Click on the Pacoship icon (on your Desktop or in your Start Menu) if the Pacoship Application does not open automatically immediately after installation:

The Pacoship Excel application will open.

When the program first opens, you will be asked to input a license key to activate the program. The license key has been sent to the e-mail address you gave to download the program. Once you have activated the Pacoship application with your license key, you are ready to start using Pacoship.

The Pacoship Ribbon:

The Pacoship Ribbon Menu has seven main sections: Project, Input, Dashboard, Cashflow, Reports, Help and Exit. By clicking a button (icon) in any of the sections, relevant action is triggered. You may click the buttons in any order, but a good workflow can move from left to right. Have a look at the video Quick Tour or attend one of the webinars for more information on workflows and good practice. See KNOWLEDGE on the Pacomarine.com website for information on upcoming webinars

The INPUT section has five sub-sections: Project, Ship, Employment, Opex and Financing. Click on the button with the corresponding name on the sub-menu to go to any five sub-sections.


To open a saved project or start a new project, go to the Project section. When starting a new project, select one of the two project types: Newbuilding or Secondhand Purchase. *)