A Step-By-Step Guide To Selecting The Right Financial Analysis Software for Ship Investments

Selecting the right financial analysis software for ship investments is vital. Shipowners need to maximize return on equity invested by evaluating all relevant factors to structure and execute the best possible deal. Financial analysis software for ship investments must also be able to take into account the volatility of ship prices and charter rates and the benefits of flexibility (the

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User Lead Development of the Pacoship Application

The first commercial version of Pacoship has now been released, and we have started to receive comments and suggestions for further development of Pacoship as a tool for better financial analysis and reporting of ship investments.We want continuing development of Pacoship to be user lead, and here are some of the things that feedback so far has told us that … Read the rest

Handbook of Shipping Finance

The International Handbook of Shipping Finance - Book Cover ImageThe International Handbook of Shipping Finance is a one-stop resource, offering comprehensive reference to theory and practice in the area of shipping finance. In the multibillion dollar international shipping industry, it is important to understand the various issues involved in the finance of the sector. This involves the identification and evaluation of the alternative sources of capital available for financing … Read the rest