Pacoship User Manuals:

The Pacoship application for ship finance and investment analysis has a built-in help menu accessible from the  Excel ribbon. On the Pacoship tab on the Excel ribbon menu, you will also find useful links to online help and support.  You can download a Quick Start guide and the full User-Manual as PDF files:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are The System Requirements?
To run Pacoship, you need to run ExcelExcel (Office 2010 or later version) on a computer with a Windows operating system. To make use of exporting charts generated by Pacoship directly to Powerpoint and send e-mails without exiting Pacoship, you also need to have Powerpoint and Outlook installed (recommended).

How Do I Install the Pacoship Software Application?

  • Click the Add To Cart Button.
  • Enter your details on the Checkout page and click the Place order button.
  • A confirmation page with a Download Link and Activation Key will show. You can Download the Pacoship installation file by clicking on the Download Link on the confirmation page or you can use the link and activation key sent to the e-mail address you provided at checkout.
  • An E-mail with your download and  Activation Key is also automatically generated and sent to you immediately after check out. (Remember to check your junk mail folder. Automatically generated e-mails may end up there. )
  • Download the installation file. Click on the icon for the installation file and follow the instructions as the file opens and the program Pacoship is installed.
  • The Pacoship application will open.
  • You will be asked to input a license key to activate the program. The license key has been sent to the e-mail address you gave to download the program. This e-mail also has a link to the Pacoship Download in case you need to download again.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help or free user support. We are here to help.

What does a user license include?
A user license includes support and all upgrades of the Pacoship application during the paid license period.

What support do you provide to users ? By clicking on the KNOWLEDGE tab on this website you can access useful resources on Financial Analysis of Ship Investments and how to use Pacoship. COMMUNITY has Blog with news and useful articles and User Forum where users can ask questions and share experiences on how to get the most out of Pacoship. One-to one personal support is available by  e-mail to:

How do I renew my user license?
Before your  Subscription Period expires, you will get reminders telling you how to renew your subscription for a user license. If you want to continue to use Pacoship you must renew your user license. The reminders will have a link to the page BUY PACOSHIP on this website. You can also go directly to BUY PACOSHIP by clicking on the menu, Once your payment has been processed you will receive an e-mail with a new License Key that will activate the Pacoship for one year.

Do you give refunds?
No. But we value our customers so if you can give us a good reason for why we should refund your purchase, we will consider it.


Book an Online Meeting (Zoom) for Free User Support: