Sample Reports

From the reports menu in Pacoship you can select the content of the reports you want to generate. You can generate reports as PDF files or Powerpoint presentations.


PDF File Logo

CLICK HERE to see an example of the kind of reports you can generate with Pacoship.

Menu for generating reports with Pacoship

If you have Addobe DC installed,  you can export the Pacoship PDF file to a Word document and add text and other items you choose to tailormake your report.

Pacoship can also generate a  Powerpoint presentation. It will have the Pacoship charts you want to include in you presentation. Edit and add your own text and additional slides.

Pacoship 2.0 connects with Outlook so that you can e-mail your PDF report or XML data without having to exit. It saves time and effort.

You get better reports, and you save time.